If we see life as a wire, we are essentially wirewalkers trying to balance with gravity, the force that we’re dependent on to make every step, as well as the force that irresistibly tricks us into falling. In the beginning, wirewakers step on the wire with all their confidence and certainty, as if artists are certain about the topics they are addressing. ​Artists intend to take down the unbreakable wall called authority by touching on various social issues. The authority that makes us feel secure, in the same way, leads us to self-justifications. ​The rebellion deep inside their hearts is then awakened. At that very instant, they are no longer the man of obedience. The reality, however, has proven to them from time to time that every effort is as fragile as an egg. By the time they are in the middle of the wire, they are not sure anymore. Neither can they see the end of this wire. The longer they stand at one point, the more likely they are going to fall. Therefore, the attempt to approach pushes them further back. Standing alone on this wire, they can feel the gravity, this downward force ​from the Left and Right​. Perhaps, they will never reach the other side. But until they finally fall off, the walk has to continue.